We’ve been professionally installing in-ground pools since Farrah Fawcett started flipping her hair back (since 1970, to be exact). We’ve expertly installed thousands of pools since then. Take a look at the shapes we can do, pick one and then stop by or call us to book your installation (pssst…the sooner the better, summer fills up fast).

Today's above-ground pools are nothing like that weird, leaky one your uncle had when you were a kid. We only work with the top manufacturers so you know your pool will be fantastic. With innovations such as corrosion free construction, walk-in steps and underwater lighting, today’s above-ground pools offer the luxury of in-ground pool features with the flexibility to relocate and fit into most yards.

Pool Covers

Sadly, the time will come when you have to get out of your pool and return to your work a day life. While you are away, an automatic pool cover is simple way to keep your pool ready for your next day off. A pool cover will help prevent water evaporation, reduce chemical costs and heating / energy usage. Saving you money, which means you spend more time in the pool and less time at work. Still not convinced? A pool cover completely seals off your pool, creating a horizontal fence to prevent drownings. What more can I say? Oh, did I mention they are automatic?

See for yourself https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bFF-Ps6imJs

Water Features

Water features make your pool even funkier (dare we say, cooler?) and just plain fun. Whether you're building a new pool or renovating, a water feature is an affordable luxury that transforms a basic pool into a conversation piece. Choose from lightweight rockfalls, fibre-optically lit deck jets and under-deck waterfalls, among many other really coal features. The best thing to do is to stop by our showroom and see the latest water features for yourself, in the only in-store demonstration pools in Saskatchewan, we might add.

Water Care

"It looks clean to me. It’s nice and clear." Unfortunately, so is vinegar. When it comes to pool water, the things you can’t see are as important as the ones you can see, if not more so. To manage the health of your water, bring in a litre of pool water in a clean, plastic bottle and our expert lab techs will perform a 15-point analysis while you wait. The result is a detailed prescription to keep your water safe and healthy. As a bonus, proper water care can prolong the life of your pumps and help cut chemical costs by making sure you’re using the right amounts of the right product at the right times. Check out our SERVICES to see our full offering of pool care.

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