Hot Tubs

Paradise Leisurescapes is about showing you the vision of how our products are used. We have amazing showrooms in Regina and Saskatoon (over 18,000 square feet) full of FUN. So when you are browsing our website and you come across a hot tub that says “See it in Regina” you can come down to our showroom and it will be installed and on display for you to see! Likewise, if a hot tub says “See it in Saskatoon” you can bet it is on display in our Saskatoon store. Finally, if a hot tub says “See it in both stores!”, you guessed it, it will be on display in both locations!

Have an old hot tub you want to trade up for cash towards a new one? Learn more about our Hot Tub Trade Up Program! It doesn't matter if you bought your hot tub from us or not...and it doesn't matter if your hot tub is operational, you can trade up! Call us and ask us about our Hot Tub Trade-Up Program: Regina (306) 525-0508 | Saskatoon at (306) 244-6700.

In Stock

We deal with more than one hot tub brand, so you actually get to make a meaningful comparison when you come to our enormous showroom. We also carry a huge inventory of hot tubs in stock, which means no waiting, and if you found the tub for you and we don't have it in Regina or Saskatoon, no worries - it will be here in about 4-6 weeks.

So look for our “See it in Regina/Saskatoon” stamps and know that you can come sit in it, and it’s ready to come home with you!

Largest hot tub selection

We have Saskatchewan’s largest lifestyle showroom filled with industry leading hot tub brands, there is a lot to choose from. That’s where we come in, our staff will help you narrow down the right tub for you by educating you on the features and benefits of each tub until you find “the one”.

There has been a lot of changes in the hot tub industry, Bluetooth, lighting and speakers to name just a few. Come in and see what’s making waves and we’ll give you a lot to think about!

Wet Test

It’s hard to get a real idea of how sitting your new hot tub will feel unless you actually do it. Hopping into a dry tub with all your clothes on probably won’t help much with that, either, even if we turn the music really loud and spray you with a warm squirt bottle. That's why Paradise LeisureScapes offers your family the option of a wet-test to pick the spa that’s right for you.

All you need to do is pick a spa, a date, and a time (and bring your suit and towel!) We’ll do all the rest, so that you experience lounges, jets, lighting, and even sound systems from the best (and hottest) seat in the house.

Site Inspection

It’s important to make sure the hot tub of your dreams will fit into your space as well as it will fit in your lifestyle. Will it fit on your deck? How will it be delivered into your yard? Does it comply with current electrical codes?

To answer these and other important questions, Paradise LeisureScapes offers a free Site-Inspection to residents of Regina, Saskatoon, and surrounding areas. Just ask and one of our friendly, knowledgeable staff will visit your home (with tape measure in hand) to help with decisions from cover removal placement to base preparation.

Products At A Glance

Highlife Grandee
Highlife Envoy
Highlife Aria
Highlife Vanguard
Highlife Sovereign
Highlife Prodigy
Highlife Jetsetter
Limelight Prism
Limelight Flair
Limelight Flash
Limelight Pulse
Limelight Beam
Hot Spot Tempo
Hot Spot Rhythm
Hot Spot Relay
Hot Spot SX
Hot Spot TX
Freeflow Monterey
Freeflow Excursion
Freeflow Cascina
Freeflow Azure
Freeflow Mini
Freeflow Tristar
Freeflow Aptos
Coast Alpha
Coast Apex
Coast Element
Coast Freedom
Coast Omega
Coast Zenith
Coast Journey Curve
Coast Mirage Curve
Coast Radiance Curve
Coast Radiance Lounger Curve
Coast Vantage Curve
Coast Zenith Curve
Coast Wellness IV
Northwind 8C
Northwind 8L
Northwind 7C
Northwind 7L
Northwind Alpha
Northwind Apex
Northwind Element
Northwind Freedom
Northwind Zenith
Bullfrog A8
Bullfrog A8L
Bullfrog A8D
Bullfrog A7
Bullfrog A7L
Bullfrog A6
Bullfrog A6L
Bullfrog A5L
Bullfrog R8
Bullfrog R8L
Bullfrog R7
Bullfrog R7L
Bullfrog R6
Bullfrog R6L
Bullfrog R5L
Bullfrog X8
Bullfrog X8L
Bullfrog X7
Bullfrog X7L
Bullfrog X6L
Bullfrog X6R
Bullfrog X5L
Bullfrog Stil 7
Bullfrog Stil 5

Brands We Carry