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Dolphin S50

Dolphin S50
Item ID: 99996131-US
Brand: Maytronics


The Dolphin S50 is the robot of your dreams on an affordable budget. This lightweight, small robot is ideal for all types of small pools. Cleans pool floor and walls.
  • Effortless operation
  • Top-access filtration system – easy to remove and clean.
  • Lightweight and easy to handle.
  • Fast, debris-free water release.
  • Crystal-clear cleaning results
  • Active brushing action, scrub away algae and bacteria.
  • Effective, easy-to-use fine filtration system.
  • Efficient dirt collection - Collects fine and rough debris.
  • Peace of mind
  • Proven reliability – made by Maytronics, the leader in robotic pool cleaners.
  • Rapid service and repair.

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