“Had the whole family in for our first night in the new tub! Those moto massagers are kick ass. The kids are fascinated by the water spouts, kind of funny. It's definitely a good family time investment for us. Please pass on my thanks to your whole gang, and a special thanks to Danielle and Conrad for their time spent with me and the continued support on our tub...your company name is going around town to all my friends who are very impressed with the tub as well.”

- Doug (Carlyle)

“I love how my hot tub (Hot Spring Grandee) has really brought our family together. We spend so much time enjoying it. I can't complain about one bit of it. I wish I had met you guys 10 years ago.”

- Daryll (Regina)

“Every night when I get home from work, the kids want to go in the hot tub. When it's -30 out, we get our touques on and our hot chocolate and jump in. Winters would be boring without this hot tub. (A Hot Spring Vista)”

- David (Regina)

“We used to buy our chemicals from XXXXX (Big box retailer). We always had problems keeping our pool clear. This year we got your chemicals and it's been so easy keeping our pool clean. We've had no problems.”

- Tammy (Regina)

“Thanks for the great service, your technician did a wonderful job!”

- Dennis (Regina)

“Your service men have excellent workmanship, fair analysis, prompt work and an excellent demeanour”

- Chris (Regina)

“My hot tub from Paradise has been great. Warranty and service were exceptional.”

- Brent (Saskatoon)

“We use our hot tub (Hot Spring Aria) at least 12 times in a two week period. We love it. It was an excellent decision. When you use it that much, it's well worth the money.”

- Lloyd (Bulyea)