Paradise Leisurescapes is about showing you the vision of how our products are used. We have amazing showrooms in Regina and Saskatoon (over 18,000 square feet) full of FUN. So when you are browsing our website and you come across a BBQ that says “See it in Regina” you can come down to our showroom and it will be installed and on display for you to see! Likewise, if a BBQ says “See it in Saskatoon” you can bet it is on display in our Saskatoon store.

Finally, if a BBQ says “See it in both stores!”, you guessed it, it will be on display in both locations!

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So you've got a couple of rib eyes marinating at home and you just can't wait to get a shiny new BBQ to slap them on. No problem. It's great to have a huge selection BBQ's, but we understand half the fun is being able to take it home with you today. Back up the truck, we'll meet you 'round back partner.

So look for our “See it in Regina/Saskatoon” stamps and know that you can come down to take a look at it, and it’s ready to come home with you!

BBQing Accessories

Seriously, a half can of beer inside an upright whole chicken is not a grilling accessory. Instead, stop in and see the selection of great innovations we’ve got in store. We carry everything from covers and vegetable roasters to hot wing kits.


No man is an island…unless it’s a customized BBQ island with built-in side burners, fridges, a stainless steel prep area, rockstar lighting and a kick ass stereo. Whether you want to get your BBQ island pre-built or you want to customize your own design from an amazing list of component choices, we can set you up with everything so you can rock the yard with your cooking.


Some people have a garage full of tools and know how, and want nothing else but to get to know their own BBQ by building it themselves, and that's cool. But, if that sounds nothing like you - don't sweat it. We can deliver your brand spanking new "Barbie" right to your backyard already assembled. The cooking part is up to you.

Products At A Glance

P500RB 100
P500RB 200
P500RB 400
Pro 665 Oasis 300
Pro 665RSIB
Pro 825
Pro 825 Oasis 400
Pro 500RSIB
Baron 440
Imperial XL S
Monarch 390
Regal XL
Signet 20
Sovereign 70
GMG Jim bowie
GMG Daniel Boone
GMG Davy Crockett

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